Boongo - H2H - Human Banking

Target and Scope

There are many payment providers based on modern IT, Internet and Cloud technology. But there is no real digitalization of Cash payment processes based in the emergency markets.

The UN – United Nations requested a new System for Money Transfer in the past. With less fees and market FX translation rates:

“However, costs remain high, at an average of about 7 percent of the total sum sent, according to UNESCO’s 2019 Global Education Report.”

The fact is: “Financial groups said work to digitize financial services was lowering the cost of payments, including remittances.” (Reuters, November 20, 2018, Migrants losing $25 billion per year through remittance fees – UN)

Free Agencies

This is 2H2 banking, which mean human2human banking. Everyone can open a
Free Agency (after Identity check). Free Agencies will be rated by Customer (Human
Bank Rating, we called it ‘Kinshasa III’ approach).



100% digitalization of cash money transfer. Customer and Business Agency orientated. Control the paying in and paying out of the physical money.


Pilot Country

Will be the DRC – Democratic Republic of Congo, with only 60% to 70% who have a banking solution. Most of them handle cash. Even one official money transfer take days from Europe through a local bank in the DRC.

Jitro Consulting is an IT and Management Consulting specialized in Treasury and Cash Management processes. 
Working for over 20 years with Customer in the field of Treasury Management processes.

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